My Weekend in Pictures


We originally had plans to travel this past weekend, but after our excursion to DC last weekend and Hub's travel & work schedule the next few weeks, we decided to stay home.  We were disappointed because our planned trip was to see some of our favorite friends (and our adorable Godson) in Wilmington, but sometimes you have to know when to stay home.

The weekend kicked off with a birthday celebration for a friend at a Brazilian steakhouse.  I can't do Brazilian Steakhouses frequently (about once a year is good for me), but they are always a fun experience and who better to experience it with than a fabulous group of friends.  I also don't think that I'll need to eat for a few days, but sometimes you gotta splurge.

[glass of Liberty School at Brasa]

Some crazy storms moved in on Saturday.  They, thankfully, held off and our Alumni Association benefited from the cloud cover and cool breeze for our Memorial Run in the morning.  The rest of the day we pretty much stayed hunkered down as there were literally tornadoes barreling through Raleigh.  We were very fortunate that we, our home, and friends are all safe.  Thanks to those who checked in on us!

[VT Rememberance Ribbons]

The Sundays that we are in town, we usually spend getting caught up on life (e.g., grocery shopping, laundry, planning for the next week).  And this Sunday was no exception.  The good news was that we did take a break in the evening to cheer on the Gwinnett Braves (farm team for the ATL Braves) as they were playing our local minor league team, the Durham Bulls.  Hubs and I were both huge Braves fans before we met each other and continue to be.  I fully believe that Sundays in the Spring like this past weekend were made for baseballs games.

You can take a girl to a ballpark, but you can't take her out of her wedges! Hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend!

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