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Book Worm


Calling me a book worm would be a bit of an understatement.  I devour books and am typically reading at least two books at one time, finishing multiple books in a month.  I am also a notorious book collector.  Prior to getting a Kindle, I was known to go to book stores and purchase book upon book; our bedside table is full of books that I have yet to read.  Not much has changed now that I have a Kindle, except that now my books take up less space and are much more portable.

It should then stand to reason that I am also a collector of coffee table books.  I think that they are great additions to the home, adding character and personality to living spaces.  For us, our home is filled with fashion, art, and design books.


[This Tiffany Style book is the newest in my collection and was a birthday gift from an amazing friend. The pictures in the book are breathtaking and the content is fantastic as well.  If you are a Tiffany lover, drop what you are doing and purchase it now!]

Even our wedding album and guest book from our wedding are coffee table books. If your photographer offers this option, I would highly recommend it.  Coffee table books are much more durable that photo albums: you don't have to worry about photographs aging, the binding is sturdier, and they look great on a book shelf or coffee table.


[Our engagement and wedding photos were taken by Marie at Phreckles Photography]

If you are looking for a good place to start your collection, but don't know where to start looking, browse Amazon.  You can even create wish lists to keep track of what you want; the wishlists also are uber convenient to send to relatives for holidays and birthdays (and anything available on Amazon can be put on them, not just books)!

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  1. I'm a book lover too, but i haven't gotten into coffee table books yet since i still live at home. We're definitely getting a wedding album book like yours though, i can't wait!


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