Louboutin: The Science of the Perfect Heel


I was paroozing CNN.com the other day and came across this article.  (And here you thought that I was all fluff and didn't care about world events.)

I have been a massively huge fan of Louboutin.  His shoes are absolutely breath-taking and have been coveted by women for decades.  What I love about this article is that the engineering and architechture behind the design of the shoes are finally being highlighted.  Designing a 5 inch platform pump takes more than a mere mortal.  It is a daunting challenge to design a shoe that is comfortable, functional and fabulous. This talent is one that many people take for granted; it truly is a science.  Enjoy the Saturday read!

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  1. hi! love your blog :) i'm a louboutin addict as well!! thanks for sharing the video he's truely a genius!

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