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Friday Eye Candy


Instead of my usual Friday post of the pair of shoes that I am most recently coveting, I thought that I would employ your help in deciding what to wear over the weekend. 

Hubs is throwing me a "Anniversary of my 25th Year" Party (read Birthday) and I am having issues deciding between two dresses: one from Anthropologie (Parading Hues Dress) and another from Lilly (Blossom Dress Jacquard). 

Because I don't throw a party without a theme, we are asking couples to come dresses as their fave Barbie and Ken.  (Just because I am some iteration of 25, doesn't make me too old for a Barbie Party!) I plan on accessorizing with yellow (including fabulous yellow shoes). 

So which do you think? Which will let me rock the Birthday Barbie look the best?

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