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We've Got Team Spirit, how about you?!


No one understands the importance of supporting your favorite team more than me.  For me, it doesn't get any better than college sports.  (I am a tried and true Virginia Tech Fan, for those of you who don't know. In case you were interested.)  There is a big misconception out there that what you wear to a sporting event, doesn't matter.  All you have to do is throw on a team-related shirt and walk out the door.  While that's perfectly fine, for people who are looking a little more outside of the box, there are a lot of options out there for you. I always look for items that I love in my team's colors; things that are comfortable, that I know I will look good in, and fit my style.    

Regardless of your allegiances and clothing preferences, dressing for sporting events can be tricky; there's the weather to take into consideration, whether you are viewing in an indoor/outdoor arena, amount of time you plan on tailgating, only to name a few.  Thankfully choices for women have significantly improved over the years.  There are actually options available now to support your school and look stylish.  Victoria's Secret PINK line introduced collegiate line (as well as a NFL and MLB line) a few years ago, that if your school (or team) was lucky enough to be chosen, offer a lot of great items.  Alumni Hall and School House are two companies that specifically specialize in collegiate apparel and have a fantastic inventory of unique options for your team of choice.  There are even shoe companies who are offering school spirited options for you; FanFeet is an up and coming designer who has released their first shoe for UNC.  I'm personally waiting for them to introduce the Virginia Tech shoe. 

I fully acknowledge that I am probably in a small percent of the population who would consider dressing up for sporting events and will even consider wearing heels.  However, whatever your style or preferences, I simply recommend to dress comfortably remembering that just because you are wearing something casual and headed to a sporting event, doesn't mean you can't look polished and put together.  


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