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In the even that you are living under a rock, or perhaps don't follow as many bloggers as I do, it's that time of year again.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Early access for card holders started today and they've already crashed the website.  Good news for you is you can add all of the items you want to you cart, you just might not be able to check out quite yet.  So while you are patiently (or anxiously) waiting, I wanted to share what I'll be shopping this year.  Generally, I go for either big items on a large discount (it's how I've nabbed some of my Burberry pieces over the past years) or closet staples that I already love and need more of or would like to expand upon.

At under $65, this is a great staple for the cooler months.  I wasn't onboard initially with the hood, but I really like the edge it gives.  

I nabbed a similar pair at a previous sale and get so many questions on them.  Zella is a favorite brand of mine so anytime I can get them at a less price, I'm all in.  Also available in black.

These are my ALL TIME favorite pair of denim.  In my opinion, they are a MUST-HAVE and so worth snagging them on a deep discount.

I snagged this jacket a few sales ago and it is completely worth it.  The leather is supple and soft, the grey is a nice color alternative and incredible versatile.  I literally do not travel anywhere without it.  

It's so rare that you find classic Hunters on sale.  I get so much use out of mine, and it's a great opportunity to add them to your closet.

I'm a lover of golden goose as much as anyone; however, I don't love the price tag.  These are under $60. 

I am a devotee of DryBar and so any chance to stock up, I am game.

Hope this helps parse through all of the information.  Check out below for the remainder of my picks.

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