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I've recently got into having podcasts on in the background.  I used to do this a lot more when I was heavy into Serial (PS - If you followed this podcast, did you see this?!) but quite honestly, I fell out of practice with it.  I've found recently that generally, I love them on in the background, while I'm working, driving, waiting.  And today, I'm sharing some of my faves. (Oh and if you are interested, I love these headphones and this phone case)

It's no secret to those who know me well that I love The West Wing.  I have watched and re-watched the series several times and everytime I watch it, I take something different, better from it (and it's strikingly still just as relevant today as it was when it originally aired).  That's why I love the idea of re-hashing this series with a fellow West Wing fanatic, as well as an ex-cast member.  I was a little late to the party, but I'm catching up on them.  And if you are interested in seeing my metaphor for life, check out this clip from the series.  Anyone else feel this way perpetually? 

Love a good, relateable podcast? Check out Jenna's.  It's very digestable and more like listening to a friend talk rather than someone standing on a pulpit.  She's had some great topics, great guests.  Definitely worth a listen.

Relatively new to the scene, Grace and Becca are ex co-workers who started a podcast about 'bad books and good advice'.  Being someone who has an Achilles's heel for a a good, bad book, I was sold on that alone.  However, listening to these two talk a bit about their lives as well has proven to be a nice break in my day. 

So first and foremost, let's address the elephant in the room - it's Oprah, could it really be bad? (Side bar: I randomly picked up some of the pre-made mashed potatoes on a whim and even those are good).  But this podcast didn't even register on my radar until I heard about her interview with Jimmy Kimmel during which he briefly discusses his family's experience with his son being sick and in the hospital, but since I listened to that episode, I've been listening to her others on & off.  Interesting topics, interesting guests, & Oprah FTW.

Yes, he's that guy from Punk'd (did I just date myself), but he's more beloved for his role on Parenthood and his marriage to Kristen Bell.  Regardless of how you know him (and though his episodes run a little long), I love listening to him sit down and chat with his colleagues from the industry.  It sounds very Hollywood, but I promise that it is relatable, funny, and definitely not superficial. 

I might be a little partial to this one because it is homegrown here in Charlotte and I know the two gals who rock it, but in spite of my bias, this is one you'll want to check out.  It touts itself as a conversation between friends, but they are discussing topics that range from dating to careers to business advice.  It's comfortable, it's informative, and you walk away feeling ready to take a next, new step (and maybe wanting a margarita).  

So I'm so intrigued, are you listening to podcasts? If so, what should I add to my play list?!

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