she could be a farmer in those clothes


 Over the past weekend, we found ourselves an usual situation.  We were a child down and had the afternoon to ourselves.  At this age, the girls are incredibly transportable and generally easily entertained so with the weather on our side, we headed to one of our favorite areas of Charlotte to take in a brewery, walk around, and grab a dinner.  

[jacket // overalls (another option here and here) // shirt // kicks]

These days, even when I'm a child or two down, I'm always looking for easy, comfortable looks.  Enter, these overalls.  And they are priced just right.  You'll see overalls all over the place this Spring/Summer.  You can dress them up, dress them down, where them out and about - you name it.  And though I'm not 100% sure I can pull them off, I'm wearing them - if alone so I can make Clueless references.

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