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Funny story: I came down wearing this dress the other day and my son, who is usually very complimentary, rolled his eyes and said, 'mom, not another dress'  Suffice to say, I wear a lot of dresses.  I prefer them over anything else.  Apparently my son prefers me in pants and a shirt, but he doesn't get a vote in these matters.  

[jacket // dress // kicks]

Being, what I'll say is all-in on dresses, I have several go-to brands.  Maggy London is at the top of my list because, they are available in PETITES.  It sounds crazy, but even these days, it can be hard to find petites and when you are my height, a midi dress quickly becomes a maxi without a couple extra inches cut off.  

I wore this on a local new program to promote the Cottie & Cake Fund.  (You can catch the entire segment here) If you follow my insta-stories, you saw my options.  But if we are being honest, it didn't so much matter what I wore, Elle stole the show.

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