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I've been in a bit of a slump recently - inundated and sometimes overwhelmed by our new normal - a newborn, a 5 year old, and a baby in the NICU.  It doesn't leave much headspace for having the motivations or inspiration for posts. But here's the thing, I find a lot of solace in this space - for as mean of a place as the interwebs can be, the space provides a outlet for me.  An outlet to write, to connect, and to tap a bit into a more creative side.  So with that, it was recommended to me to do a '10 things' post.  Hopefully it'll get the creative juices flowing again and serve as an opportunity for me to share a few things that you may not know about me.


I am terrified of surgeries.  We are talking even surgeries as simple as wisdom teeth removal (which is, in fact, considered a surgery).  I put off having my wisdom teeth removed until after college.  You can imagine what a nervous wreck I was in having to have a c-section. Turns out, I was fine, but I still hate surgery.


I am a creature of habit - I generally eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day.  Some may think that it is boring, but frankly I don't care.


I simultaneously have good taste in music & tv and horrible taste - as in I own the entire Beatles music catalog, but also the entire Britney Spears music catalog.  I love the writing on the West Wing & have watched the series over & over again, but also love Pretty Little Liars.  It's called balance.  (If you are looking for another good Netflix Series, I'd recommend Riverdale (a la PLL) or Veep on Amazon Prime). 


My favorite pizza is pepperoni & mushroom.  Which, as it turns out, is my father's as well - a fact I didn't learn until recently.  It might sounds obvious that a member of my household would have the same taste as me, but growing up, we didn't order a ton of pizza.  My mother was a stickler for a home cooked meal and so it was rare occasion.  And when we did, I don't remember ever ordering what my parents actually liked.


As a result of my mother being a stickler for a home cooked meal, we also weren't allowed to drink soda.  I didn't have my first soda until I was in high school. To this date, I still don't drink a ton of soda and if I do, it's a Dr. Pepper (not Mr Pibb - you can take that garbage somewhere else)


I am not a risk-taker in life (not really so much even in fashion), but I did go sky-diving and I would do it again in an instant.


Many of you know that I have several tattoos, but I'm itching to get another and I plan to as soon as I possibly can.


I am most at home on the water, specifically the ocean - and yet, I went to college in a mountain town & live land-locked.  Growing up, I lived on the James River & we spent a significant amount of our summer in the Outer Banks.  There is just something about sand & salt water that brings me peace. So basic, right? #sorrynotsorry


I had not seen Princess Bride or Star Wars until I met Scott (2003).  Growing up, we didn't have cable and I was a little sheltered in terms of movies.  Case-in-point, my mother removed me from the theater during the part of Bambi where the mother is shot by the hunter.  I think this plays a big role in my dislike of movies which hold me emotionally hostage and/or mother's/father's traumatic deaths die (I loathe The Land Before Time, The Lion King, American Tale).  Basically, I'm a headcase when it comes to those things.  I also still have not seen E.T. 


If life has taught me one thing it is to never say never - in all aspects of life.  More superficially, I said I'd never purchase Birkenstock sandals and yet, I finally broke down and did.  I'm never looking back.

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