cool kicks, wonder woman, misadventures & 40% off - oh my!


Happy Tuesday party people! I don't know about you, but Monday was a rough one for me.  You'd think that because I'm on maternity leave that Mondays would be a bit softer, and perhaps they are, but it still felt like quite the day.  In any event, in an effort to reset, I thought I'd share some items from around the interwebs that are making my day a little brighter.

+ Rifle Paper Co is my go-to for gorgeous stationary so obviously I'm totally onboard with this wearable collection

+ I'm thrilled to see that not only did Wonder Woman kick@ss at the box office over the weekend, but that it lives up to the hype.  Don't believe me? Check it out here & here

+ If we are being honest, who hasn't had any and all of these experiences flying in this short?

+ I'm such a fan girl of the clothing mecca that is Hampden in Charleston & regardless you should listen to the owner/founder here.

+ We are lovers of a local favorite, Kindred, here in the Charlotte area.  If you aren't fortunate enough to live locally, you can make your very own (and highly addictive) milk bread, thanks to their sharing of this recipe.

+ Raising a child is important work; this article gives an interesting (and paramount) perspective on raising sons.

+ JCrew is having 40% off summer essentials with code TODAYONLY.  RUN, don't walk.

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