on me: [ top // shorts // kicks // baubles (here & here) // sunnies // hat]
on liam: [ top // shorts // kicks]

Football is big in our family.  Not only did Scott & I grow up watching football with our respective families, but we both went to Virginia Tech and are huge Hokie football fans.  It's a sport that is so interwoven into our story lines both separately and collectively that it is hard to deny and one that we figured would be seamlessly shared with Liam.  And it was; the kid LOVES football.  Everything from the game, to the mascots, to dressing the part.

Here's the deal: matchy-matchy when it comes to dressing as a family, I am not.  Coordinating I definitely am.  BUT when I let Liam pick out a Panther shirt and it happened to coordinate with the one that I had on order (and he had not seen yet), who was I to deny his excitement.  

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