haute interiors: everything but the kitchen rug


Recently I've been getting such an itch to add something to our house.  Though I'm usually picking up things here and there to add (a habit which Scott finds immensely annoying #sorrynotsorry babe), I feel like specifically out kitchen is missing something.  I'm having a love affair with oriental rugs in the kitchen as a runner and though we have one in our living room, I'm thinking just the right one might add what I'm looking for in life.  I think it's a nice and easy way to make your kitchen look more inviting, cozy.  I would imagine that the only downside is the dropped food. We are messy cookers in our household, a by-product of letting a four-year-old help and a belief that if you aren't making a mess in the kitchen, then you aren't cooking correctly.  The good news is that I'd like to believe that the patterns in the rug would help mask many sort of (little) spills and stains.  Maybe we'll be testing out that theory in our kitchen soon.  Any over/unders as to whether or not Scott will be on-board?

Shop rugs under $80:

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