Some of my fondest summer memories from growing up are the copious amount of time spent at the pool; swim practice, getting airheads at the snackbar, spending all day with friends - there really isn't anything better.  My love of the water is not limited to pools, but it's a love that I have so desperately wanted Liam to latch on to.  This summer our focus has been getting Liam comfortable with the water.  This has included swim lessons and spending as much time at the pool as possible.  It's been really awesome to see how he has progressed, though I wish we had done this sooner.  And one such day, we took along our GoPro to play with while we were spending some quality time at the pool.  Some of the pictures turned out so well that I had them printed and included one on my gallery wall in my office.  However, it lead me to the realization that we do not use our GoPro enough.  We've had it for a year or so and it was so fun and easy to use, not to mention captures such cool things from a unique perspective.

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