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anatomy of a gallery wall


From my perspective there are several approaches one could take in tackling a gallery wall: an organized approach or a building approach.  My approach for the gallery wall in my office is more of the latter.  Instead of matching frames and content, I've opted to collect pieces over the years which are fun, in some cases meaningful, and reflective of our lives.  If you are still searching out gallery wall options, I wanted to share some of my tactics and the pieces that I have which I love.

+ Look for the unexpected: Often times people get entrenched in what they believe are traditional pieces of art, but really, anything can be transformed into a piece of art.  I found a piece of wrapping paper which was a monument map of Paris at a local art gift shop and framed it.

+ Think outside of the box:  Instead of a literal picture of someone who is meaningful to you, use a surrogate instead.  For example, my sister and I are tremendously close and as a reminder of us, I have our silhouettes my mother had done when we were younger included.

+ Have some fun: Adding some personality certainly pulls everything together.  I love how my unicorn head and a cheeky photo show a more playful side.

+ Get personal: My wall is filled with pieces that are of personal significance to me - the paper wedding gift from Scott on our first wedding anniversary (a hand drawn sketch of me in my wedding gown), my favorite picture from our newborn shoot, and a piece of art from our son are all items which are meaningful and make me smile when I look at them.

+ Don't be afraid of texture & dimension:  In the same vein of thinking outside of the box, look for pieces of art that are not just prints.  We have two pieces which were a wedding gift to us included on the wall which add an interesting dimension to it.

Some of my favorite places to find prints:
+ I See Noise prints - Beautiful foiled prints (I have the Chanel perfume bottle)
+ Inslee - Gorgeous watercolors that are unique and done by hand (Check out my pink ballerinas)
+ Furbish Studio - A super quirky and fun place to find all sorts of inspiration for not only your home, but your wall.

Shop more of my favorites:

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  1. love the gallery wall and the color of your wall! its absolutely gorgeous!!

    xx, B
    The Parlor Girl


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