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when breath becomes air: I'm already a few chapters into this book and am so struck by how absolutely beautiful a writer the author is.  You might have heard some part of the story on Cup of Jo (it's written by her brother-in-law, who is also the subject) and I listened to an interview with his wife soon after the book was released, but neither did it justice.  Run, don't walk for this book.

the girl on the train: nope, still haven't read it.  yes, it's been on the list for easily a year.  now that the first trailer for the film has been released, I need to get on it sooner rather than <insert me dragging my feet for reasons I don't know why>

astonish me: a mix of drama from a past life, ballet, and adventures abroad.  Color me sold.

rising strong: it has received a ton of acclaim, but I love intermixing professional/personal development books into my reading list.  this one is based on the premise that vulnerability is actually our key to success and overcoming failure.  

hamilton: because in the midst of having no less than 4 books being simulanteously read, why not throw in the 700+ page book about one of the most under appreciated founding fathers (Don't make the same mistake I made; opt for the Kindle version).  I also want to be prepared for the day I actually am able to get tickets to see the show. Lin, I'm comin' for ya!

So what's on your list these days? Are there any books that I should be reading?

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