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NFL StyleLounge: Panthers Style


In keeping with the great tradition of our Football Sundays, yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the NFL Style Lounge at Bank of America Stadium.  Erica Hanks partnered with the NFL to curate a collection which truly elevated your typical football style.  It's definitely an area where I think women truly struggle in how to look put together and chic, but also dress to support their teams.  Erica did a brilliant job styling some really fabulous looks paired with pieces available at the Panthers store (my personal faves: here, here, & here) and locally in Charlotte, including one she whipped up for me (I say 'whipped' because she really made it look that effortless) on the spot.  (The coat might have been ordered before I made it back home to my doorstep).

[some of my favorite looks pulled together by Erica Hanks]

[Football, Fashion + Beats]

[my super chic football look]

Thanks to Erica, the Panthers, and the NFL for having me out! GO PANTHERS!

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  1. I always struggle to dress up any sort of sports/ college shirts. But this collection seems to be tailored for easy yet stylish game day looks! Love the tweed + shirt combo



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