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Friday Eye Candy: Sarah Jessica Parker + Nordstrom


Shoe lovers around the world rejoiced this week with the release of the first images from the highly anticipated Sarah Jessica Parker shoe collection. And the pictures don't disappoint. Here are some things to look forward to with the upcoming debut:

* It's all about the details
From the fabric which the shoe is made from (SJP prefers suede to calf due to the sheen), to the structure (SJP lowered the strap on a T-bar design to lengthen the look of the wearer's leg), to the grosgrain ribbon on each pair (an homage to her youth), you canon expect thoughtful & beautiful design for each pair.

* Shoes start at a good price point
Being a believer in getting what you pay for, I feel like the starting point is a reasonable costs for a well made pair of shoes.

* There's something for everyone
Though SJP & her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw rocked some very high and intricately designed kicks, SJP's line has everything from a classic pump, to ballet flats, to chic lace-up booties, & even more fancy options for a special occasion.

* Expect the unexpected
Word on the street is that SJP & the creative forces behind the brand are mixing colors in new and imaginative ways to bring something truly unique to your closet.

* One-Stop Shopping
You don't have to search high and low for these beauties. They will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom, a company who boasts excellent customer service and tired & true brands.

SJP Shoes will be available at Nordstrom starting 28 February! Will you be in line?

images via glamour.com

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  1. Yes I will be!!! Slightly obsessed with SJP and these shoes!!

  2. I'm sure the collection is going to be fabulous!! I mean, how could it NOT be, right?

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  3. Oooh, I like what I see! I especially like the flats!


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