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What's in my bag


Diaper bag that is....

Let me first address the bag.  I wrote a post on the Mia Bossi bag quite some time ago.  I had actually selected this bag in advance of getting pregnant.  I loved the orange and design of it.  Once I did actually have a reason to purchase a diaper bag, I ordered it and was pleasantly surprised that not only was the bag beautiful, but functional.  The material is durable (and washable); you can remove the inside to wash it as well; the hardware is tough; and it has plenty of room for everything.  

Every mother has the recipe for what their child needs to survive and what should be included in her diaper bag.  Here is mine.

  • Diapers, wipes, and wet ones: This is a no brainer
  • Ziplock bags: For dirty diapers/clothing changes on the go
  • Diaper bags: For diaper changes on the go
  • Mom Emergency Kit: My personal items - Antibacterial ointment, bandaids, blister block stick, Shout wipe, Tide To-Go pen, mirror, lipstick, chapstick, advil/tylenol, wisps
  • Sunblock for Liam (also works for yourself in a pinch)
  • Extra swaddle: I love Adian + Anais because they can act as a blanket, swaddle, burb cloth - you name it.  Plus they are super duper soft.
  • Burb Cloth
  • Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover: Both functional and stylish; the black and white patterns appeal to baby's eye development and it's super cute.
  • Formula container: This specific container by Born Free transitions into a snack container
  • Bottle: We love the Born Free brand, but everyone has their faves
  • Gripe Water/Gas drops: For upset tummies
  • Extra pacifiers (although our son only likes the ONE that we received from the hospital and must be specially ordered.)
  • Changing Pad
  • Wallet, iPhone
  • Extra set of clothing (mittens, socks, couple of onesies, pants)

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  1. I am dying over your diaper bag! It's just gorgeous!

  2. Love your diaper bag! Sooo pretty! :)

  3. Nice! I bought a brand new Mia Bossi bag from Goodwill for $13 and I've been using it to hoard all my teacher supplies!



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