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Things I love : Spring Edition


Spring is such an easy season to love.  The weather turns, flowers begin to bloom, and you can break out those gams you've been hiding under pants and tights all winter.  I remember in college, the first day of warm weather called for a 'study' date with my girlfriends on Slusher Beach followed by a beer on the deck of TOTS.  (If you are in the know, then you totally appreciate that memory. If you aren't, you are massively confused).

Peonies and Ranunculus

Peonies hold a special place in my heart from our wedding, but I have always loved these gorgeous buds. And ranunculus...le sigh. Such a gorgeous flower to spruce up any space.


I've been searching for the perfect peplum outfit since Emma Stone debuted this look.  If only I weren't so dag-gum picky.  


The perfect summer shoe...

Birthday discounts & Freebies

I adore stores that help you celebrate your birth month with discounts and give-aways.  I always look forward to my 15% discount to Anthro (as if I need an excuse to shop there!) and it's gorgeous packaging; my freebie from Sephora - this year it's Fresh Sugar lip balms (amazeballs!); and Godiva gives you a free piece of chocolate.  Really it's the perfect trifecta.

Ole Henriksen

I've been obsessing over the Sheer Transformation face lotion since I tried it back in January.  I've been diligently using up the face lotion that I have so that I can replace it.  Alll.most.there.....

Baseball (and the end of basketball season)

I know this is blasphemy because I live in the heart of ACC and basketball country (insert eye roll here) coupled with the fact that I was almost born in a car after the NCAA championship game (true.), but due to old high school cheerleading scars, I loathe basketball.  However, I love love love baseball.  Specifically the Atlanta Braves...and Chipper Jones. Holler.

On this note...anyone seen the new additions to the VS Pink MLB line?! Love.

Evening walks with the family

Warm weather and longer sunlight hours means mandatory evening walks with our little family.  It's a good thing because Coco needs to shed a few pounds...as do I.

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  1. I looovveee peonies and ranunculus' too, they're so delicate and feminine.


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