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Etsy Rundown: Stores you should be shopping


Confession: I am Etsy-obsessed.  It is my go-to for unique gifts and pieces for myself and friends.  I have been able to find some of the most fabulous pieces on this website and continue to find stores that I continue to add to my 'love list'.

Spike the Punch

Necklaces from this shop are hard to come by.  I stalked it our for over a month before by a stroke of luck, I was able to snag one during the Super Bowl. However, the painted necklaces, although the most popular are definitely not the only items that you should take notice of.  Honestly everything in this shop is to die for - bright, modern, different.  They are the perfect accent piece to any outfit.


If you are a blog reader, you might be familiar with Monkia from The Doctor's Closet.  This chick has an eye for design and beauty.  It's really not surprise that these bracelets are perfect to add to any arm party.  I love the bright colors mixed with the gold.

Who doesn't love a unique cocktail ring? Georgia's designs are so simple, but are stunning.  I own one and get compliments on it everywhere I go.



You've seen me post about this artist before, but if you don't know, you should.  Randa does an amazing print.  They are so girly and gorgeous.  Not to mention, a baby collection has been added (oh if our nursery wasn't already decorated!!) I'll be doing a giveaway with ISeeNoise in May so get ready for it! (I am beyond stoked).

Another great print shop! Amanda Catherine designs are simple, preppy, and colorful.  They would make the perfect addition to any gallery wall.  She's also been featured a ton and does custom prints.


I purchased my monogrammed iPhone case through them and it is perfect.  The owner was a pleasure to work with and her etsy store is filled with all sorts of eye candy.

Tilly Maison

I have been trying to find THE perfect lucite tray for our home and I think I have found it in Tilly Maison.  I just need to decide on the print and order!

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  1. i have been obsessing w new etsy shops lately! thanks for all the new ones to stalk, they've ALL been added to my favorites now

  2. I love etsy - I got my wedding invites off of of etsy!

  3. Thanks! This was great. I knew of a few but love finding new shops.

  4. I just added all of those to my favorites!!


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