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Friday Eye Candy - A little bit of this and a little bit of that


[Pumpkins for Halloween a la The Glitter Guide]

The search for the perfect pumpkin decorations was completed last night.  Thanks to the ladies at The Glitter Guide (sidebar: How I did not know about this fab website until just a few months ago, I have no idea.) Since my original ideas were just not executable, I opted for a bedazzled pumpkin (cut to me individually gluing 9 million rhinestones on pumpkin Thursday night) and one that was wrapped in tights (Thank you Martha Stewart)!

Halloween is arguably one of my favorite holidays and so I love all of the super fun decor that goes along with it.  Unfortunately, my attention has been a bit diverted recently (ah-hem nursery/baby) so I didn't go all out like I have in years past.  But I thought that I would share a few pics.


[Spiders are always less scary if they are glittery]

[Centerpiece-I adore pumpkins! Can't you tell?!]

[Year-round obsession: Candy Corn.  Yes, I have a serious problem]

A few weeks ago, I posted on covers for my iPhone.  My iPhone cover came in (relatively quickly I might add for a custom order) and I'm in love.  As promised, here it is:

Chevron print has been an old stand-by of mine for quite some time and I couldn't think of anything more perfect for my iPhone cover.  If you want to purchase one of your own (custom colors and monograms available), please check out Dani Notes on Etsy.

Lastly, what we've been working on: the nursery.  It's actually much further along than this and the theme is constantly changing, mostly because I keep finding pieces that I love and Hubs thinks is inconsistent or not going to work.  I suppose, being an interior designer, he might know best.  Might....

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  1. love those pumpkins!! i can't wait for the H and i to get our own place and i can have fabulousness everywhere.


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