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Seersucker Love


Some people think that seersucker should only be worn to horse races or is only acceptable in everyday use in the South.  While the South embraces seersucker a little more than the rest of the country, I think that you can't go wrong with some well-placed seersucker.

It doesn't have to be just obnoxious head-to-toe outfits, but a great blazer or subtle pair of pants can really add some dimension to your outfit.  Not to mention, it's a great addition to instantly summer-ize your outfit.

For work appropriate looks: check out the Ann Taylor Loft pants-Subtle seersucker plus a great fit.  Also, I am LOVING the JCrew Pencil Skirt (I may be sneaking into the store during lunch today to check it out for myself).

For an instant hit at Sunday Brunch: check out the Lilly Pulitzer Bloom Dress.  I wore a variation of this dress for my birthday party and it really truly is a fantastically designed dress. Or the Juicy Couture blazer paired with a cute pair of cropped pants and flats would be a sure hit.

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