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Faking it


I love fake eyelashes.  I think that they are super fun and make you feel instantly sexier for an event.  A few years ago, a bit daunted by applying them myself, I marched myself into a Sephora and got a quick "how to" from one of their knowledgeable staff members. (I highly recommend if you ever have any questions about makeup or product, that you seek out someone at a store to give you a tutorial)

A few weekends ago, I wore falsies to the CAM Raleigh opening and got so many compliments on them.  All of which were followed by, "I wish I knew how to apply them myself!"  There is clearly a need for a little tutorial here, so I thought that I'd share some tips and tricks on how to apply them yourself.

The idea behind fake eyelashes is to enhance what you currently have.  Unless you are wearing them for an over-the-top costume, you don't want people to immediately know you are wearing them.  There are two types that you can purchase: either a strip of lashes or individual lashes.  For beginners, I would highly recommend the strip; they are easier to maneuver, are fool proof, and can be used again.

First, I use a toothpick to apply a thin line of glue to the base of the lash strip.  The key is to then secure the inside corner of the eye first and then work towards the outer corner at the base of your natural lashes, ensuring they are as close as possible to the base.  After the glue has dried and the lashes secure, add eyeliner and mascera and you are ready to go!

Try Ardell Lashes #105 for a more natural looking lash.  They can be found in any drug store or Ulta.  If you want to splurge a little, check out MAC's 1 Lash.

How to get my look: MAC Paintpot Painterly (Primer); MAC Eyeshadows: Shale (lids), Shroom (highlighter), and Scene (Crease);  L'Oreal Telescopic Liquid Eye Liner (top lids); NARS Brume (eye liner bottom lashes); Ardell Lashes #105, Maybelline Falsies and One by One Volume Express Mascera

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