My Weekend in Pictures


This weekend we went up to DC to celebrate the nuptials of some of our good friends.  An added bonus to going up to DC is that we got to see some very dear friends of ours from college and celebrate the anniversary of my 25th year.  It was a great dinner topped off with super yummy cupcakes!
Usually, I am pretty vocal about my dislike of the DC-metro area, but I do have to say that our fabulous group of friends far outweigh any of other things I don't so much care for.

We also got to travel with Coco, which I adore.  I hate boarding her and it's always super fun to have her on the road with us.  Not all pet-friendly hotels are great, but the Sheraton in Reston was perfect!  Hubs snapped a great pic of her ridiculously awesome ears while we were in the hotel.  They truly are my favorite part of her.

Congratulations to the Moores! It was a beautiful wedding filled with so much love, fun friends, and good times.  We were so happy to have been able to share in the day with you! Love you guys!

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