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All you need is love...


While the majority of folks roll their eyes at the thought of Valentine's Day, I am so in love with today.  Valentine's Day is arguably my favorite holiday of year.  How could you not love a day when it is encouraged to express your love for the people in your life.  In all fairness, I'm biased by the fact that Hubs and I spent our first Valentine's Day together in Paris and later he also proposed on Valentine's Day. (I know, incredibly corny, but I love it!)  Anywho, enjoy some of my favorite Valentine's Day goodies.
Felix Rey Love Birds Clutch

The Possessionista found this little number that was highlighted on last week's episode of Glee.

I also love the idea of giving perfume for Valentine's Day.  Miss Dior Cherie is at the top of my list right now!

Hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones!

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