Best Friend Gift Guide


Shopping for my girlfriends happens to be one of my favorite activities.  I often look for items that they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves and are either unique or something that makes their lives a little easier or more fun.

Maybe it's the big science nerd it me, but I love the idea of gifting something like this.  Sure it's on the pricier end of things, but I've heard such great feedback on what information people get out of these kits.  

I've written about it before and it is hands down my favorite gift I've received as of late.  For someone who perpetually is distracted and cannot get through a cup of coffee while it's still warm (or if you just like to take your time), it's an item that you wouldn't necessarily think to purchase for yourself, but it an AWESOME gift for hot beverage lovers.

Let's just all agree that Sephora does holiday gifts right, shall we? Buying perfume can be such a personal thing and often times people are intimidated because you are committing to something that you might not end up liking in the long term.  This kit has samples of all of the best, plus a voucher to collect a full size of the one that you end up liking the best.

I know we all have a love/hate relationship with Uggs. But they are just so darn comfy and I can't quit them.  I feel the same about their slippers.  These satin lovelies up the game a little and are just so pretty.  

This is another item that falls into the I wouldn't buy it for myself, but it is a game changer camp. I have been using one for awhile now and it's wonderful for your fair and face.  Plus it feels a little luxurious.

6. Capri Blue Candle
This candle, it's a crowd pleaser.  If you've ever been into Anthropologie, you've smelled it.  It's one of those things that it's always so nice to receive as a gift because you can never have enough.

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