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in which I wear pants and I'm not mad about it


Here's the thing about me, and if you've hung around in these parts long enough you might have noticed it, I don't wear a lot of pants.  I actually don't like pants all that much.  It might have something to do with the fact that I'm shorter and finding pants that are the right length (even in petite) can be problematic; it might be because I feel like they are constricting; it might even be basically they are hot and my legs must breathe.  For whatever the reason, they aren't my go-to.  However, I happened to be passing by Loft the other day, and these beauties caught my eye.  Flowy material, elastic waistband, light-weight - they checked all of the boxes for me.  It also didn't hurt that they are ever-so-slightly reminiscent of Greece, a country that I hold near & dear to my heart. Regardless, consider me sold.  I even got to tie-in a favorite trend of mine right now, and that's scarves.  They are super fun to integrate into your wardrobe - a little retro, a little modern, and an unexpected accessory.

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