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twin nursery


One of the number questions I get is How did you put your nursery together?  Whether it is because people have a hard time wrapping their head around how you put together a nursery for twins (we did) or because people love a good nursery or perhaps a healthy dose of both, I am fortunate that Scott and I were able to get on the same page very quickly and then he was able to execute without much issue (and little intervention from me). 

The main thing that we wanted to focus on was functionality: one room isn't terribly a lot of space and you need to fit a lot of things into it.  We went for items that served dual purposes; for example: a dresser that we could put a changing pad on top of for storage and diaper changes, a day bed that could serve in lieu of a rocker and allow both girls to be close to whomever had them at the moment, but also was a pull out if we needed extra sleeping WITH drawers for storage.

And then we added pieces that elevated the space: changed out drawer pulls, found pieces of art or included items that meant something to us.  Another personal favorite of mine are the mobiles which Scott made.  (True story).

All-in-all, I'm incredibly thrilled with how it turned out.  We have a few things to add (like bookshelves and hooks), but by-in-large, we are pretty done with it.  With time to spare, which I always find funny as babies so rarely sleep in the nurseries right away anyway. 

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