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If you don't know this about me, I am a creature of habit.  More so, I am also one who seeks of anything that could potentially make her life more comfortable, particularly when pregnant.  And especially this pregnancy knowing that carrying two was likely going to be innately less comfortable than carrying one.  Truthfully, that's hasn't been entirely true until as of late when I'm just larger than I was at this stage of the game with Liam.  What I have noticed is a lot of the items that I used while I was pregnant the first go round have provided the same comforts this time.  And quite honestly, a lot of these items I swear by in my non-pregnancy life.

For aches & pains:

+ epsom salts: being an ex-ballerina, I have long since sworn by these inexpensive miracle workers.  These days, I'm taking a bath every night with these and they make the world of a difference.

+ thermacare heat packs: these back heat packs are like magic.  But the L-XL size to fit over the bump and you are ready to go.  I usually wear them overnight, but throughout the day or for travel, they are a MUST.

For an easier night sleep:

+ pregnancy pillow: I didn't have one of these the first go-round and now I wonder what I did without it.  Seriously, run, don't walk.

+ satin pillowcase: In addition to the beauty benefits (easier on face & hair), the softness is so dreamy and comfortable.

For a comfy day:

+ fun kicks: I'm not necessarily a tennis shoes kinda gal, but I went all in this pregnancy.  I don't wear them every day, but it's nice to have an easy option - particularly if/when your feet swell.  Trust me, you don't want to stretch out your favorite pair of shoes.  I also recommend purchasing an inexpensive pair of dress shoes that you won't mind tossing post-pregnancy for work and events.

+ slippers for when you aren't out & about: Scott got me this pair when we found out that I was pregnant.  Since I work from home, I wear them more often than not and I highly recommend.  As those aren't available, I also love these or these.

+ soft tees & tanks: I swear by GapMaternity for this.  I purchase their tanks in several colors and long sleeved both to wear on their own or layer.

For self-care:

+ bio-oil: I didn't use this the first go-round, but it's received such great reviews that I figured I needed to pull out the big guns given the whole twin-thing because as my care team likes to remind me, I'm not a large person - there is only so much that your body will allow you to stretch.

+ burt's bees belly butter: I did use this with Liam and LOVED it.  I totally subscribe to the mentality that if you are going to get stretch marks, you are going to get them, but I do think that you can impact the amount (or maybe that's wishful thinking).  Either way, this didn't disappoint my first pregnancy and I am hoping that it pulls through this time.

+ aveeno daily moisturizing lotion: Have you seen a theme here? Your skin takes a beating when you are pregnant from a moisture perspective. And in-spite of all of the products that are out on the market, I still go back to simple aveeno.

So I'm eager to hear from you? What are some of your beauty must-haves pregnant or not? Is there anything that I am missing that should be added to my list?

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