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There are a lot of things about being pregnant again that I am re-learning.  Call it pregnancy amnesia or perhaps survival, but regardless, these little quirks about pregnancy sneak up on me in the most unexpected ways.  Sunday, for instance, our son has been reading Charlotte's Web in class.  I adore the book and against my better judgement agreed to watch the movie which ended in me ugly crying, something that is absolutely a pregnancy trait as I loathe crying and generally avoid it at all costs, and traumatizing Liam, who genuinely thought that something was wrong with me and couldn't quite understand why the death of a spider and its relationship with a pig would have had me in such a state.  Needless to say that we have a new rule for movies in our household - for the time being movies that seem reasonably benign but might make a pregnant woman weep uncontrollably are banned #hormones.

Other items filed under: things that I am re-learning is the whole dressing a larger bump thing.  You'd think it would be like riding a bike but these days it is mostly a healthy mix of trial and error and strategery, but mostly trial and error.  I will say that dresses like this one make it very easy to transition into a more roomy look without going full-fledged maternity.

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