did you watch the oscars last night?


 Did you watch the Oscars last night? I am generally there for the red carpet and then after, lose interest pretty easily.  Though, I have to give them kudos this year, from the opening number (how much did you love JT dancing with his wife in the crowd) to the end, it was filled with enough surprises and political jabs to keep me interested.  But really, the fashion was what kept me interested

These were my two favorite looks of the night.  I am a sucker for an old hollywood glamour vibe and some of the ladies threw it down last night.  Though a lot of people were disappointed in Emma Stone's choice, I thought that it was perfect for the leading lady of a film that was an homage to old hollywood.  And she totally deserved the win.

I think that Brie Larson's look was one of the most underrated of the evening.  Chic, structured, simple, but elegant.  She's always a favorite of mine on the red carpet.  And who doesn't love Chrissy Teigan?!  Aside from her slow burns on Twitter (something that is worth following her if you ask me), she is the queen of high slits and she is perfection in this dress. 

The last of my favorites of the red carpet: something ethereal and something straight from the runway.  Both are stunning pieces and the ladies who wore them are tops.  

Some other highlights/fun things from this Oscars last night:

+ but before the opening number, JT became the king of creeping on the red carpet

+ Lin-Manuel got his tux at the same shop in Yonkers where he bought his tux for prom in 1998

What were your favorite moments, looks, and happenings last night? 

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