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on having girls, boys, and everything in between


The fact that we are having two girls isn't a secret.  In fact, I'm terrible at keeping my secrets and I actually loathe having them.  The gender secret lasted exactly 24 hours before we had a small little celebration with my family to announce what we were having and I'm certain had it lasted any longer I would have imploded (or my mother would have - she was less than pleased that we refused to tell her for as long as we did).  And when we made our announcement at Disney, if you look very closely, those are two Minnie Mouses that Liam is holding.

As with our first, we were asked frequently what do you think that you are having? Honestly, I didn't have any clue.  I was certain that Liam was a girl, not because I felt like he was or that was what we preferred, but because coming from a long line of girls and I didn't think us capable of making anything other than a girl.  I was shocked but over the moon when we found out Liam was a boy and since then have immersed myself in boy things (legos, star wars, dinosaurs, fart-jokes).  So when the inevitable follow-up question of don't you hope that you are finally having girls? occurred this go-round, I felt a little miffed by it.  Not because I didn't want girls, but because in some ways it felt as if the insinuation was that I wasn't happy or fulfilled with having a boy and that if one or both of our twins was a boy, I'd be disappointed. (We'll blame pregnancy hormones on my interpretation of a seemingly harmless question - I am sure this line of questioning was well-intended)

Honestly, having been through 4 years of boy stuff, I am way more in my comfort zone with boys these days than I am girls these days.  However, as with my approach with the first, we truthfully 100% didn't have a preference one way or the other.  We wanted happy & healthy, particularly in the light of twins and the fact that we felt fortunate enough to be able to get pregnant again.  And, of course, we are stoked.  Now that we know what we are having, I feel a sense of relief that we can finally start planning: names, nursery, etc.  I have to give kudos to those who can wait because for me, I've always felt that in knowing the gender, it's made it seem more tangible to me and I can get a move on with planning.

Along with planning comes how we are going to ease this change for our first, oldest, and most precious Liam.  He has a lot of expectations for the twinkles and this year will bring a lot of changes even beyond our expanding family.  I do plan on sharing some of what we are doing later, but in the meantime, I hope that you enjoy the video below. An interesting fact is that Liam told me that he wanted me to have twins before we had shared with him that I was expecting (we knew I was pregnant, but he did not).  His rationale is because he wanted a brother and a sister.  Then the week before we found out we were having two girls, he woke up one morning and told me that he had a dream that both of the babies were girls.  Obviously, he hadn't let go of his hope that one was a boy, but I adore his reaction below.  Though he was a little disappointed (there we some tears after we stopped rolling and the reality set in), he's handled it so well and is so excited to be a big brother.  His sweet heart is just the best.

Twin Gender Reveal from Chelsea MacMeekin on Vimeo.

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