sunday scroll


1 // September has hit and that means all of the pumpkins, the spice, and the lot, including some ideas for easy/last minute halloween costumes (because apparently a month constitutes as last minute?)

2 // To say that I am obsessed with Best in Show would be an understatement, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across this on YouTube. (I'm also excited about this & this released in October as well)

3 // It's football season which means I'm always on the hunt for good tailgating food and I'll be bringing these to our tailgate this weekend.

4 // Is it weird that I feel somewhat justified about my go-to foundation because it's vetted by Lisa Eldridge? Can't wait to add her book to my coffee table book collection.

5 // As if you weren't already obsessed with this song, check out this video.

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