Over the weekend, Liam looked at us and asked to search for the first star of the night. Far be it from us to curb his curiosity and enthusiasm, we got up from the dinner table and went outside. We found the first one and made a wish (For the record, the wish was that his beloved dinosaurs come back from extinction - so any advice as to how to make this happen, I'm all ears). Afterwards we walked up and down our street showing him constellations. And it was at that moment I realized just how long it had been since I took a look at the stars. I used to all of the time; growing up, my father and I would go for walks and he would point out various groupings that were supposed to amass to a big ladle or an animal. It was always provided an amazing perspective of not just how big our world is, but how big the universe is.

It's a perspective that I have been grasping for this year. For some reason I have bee resisting 2016. My usual proactive, planning self has found myself vastly at odds with my actions thus far in 2016; I'm out of my usual groove.  Essentially I feel a bit as if I've lost my hum and that has left me incredibly unbalanced. It's a combination of things really-all of the usual excuses that basically end with the fact that I need to force myself to a different perspective. 

A wise friend told me that 33 was an important year in numerology, as well as religion.  In numerology, it's one of three master numbers; the others being 11 and 22.  These master numbers are supposed to give you insight, patience, and maturity to integrate into your life and overcome any obstacles in your path; they are also the most powerful and productive numbers.  It's more as it pertains to their appearance in your number charts, but I'm extrapolating to my age.  I know, it sounds a bit honky and though I value data and science over these sorts of things,  I think that this idea supports the thought that my 33rd year should be a year of intention, to saying yes, and to being deliberate.  And that's what I plan to do: to take the time that I need to be present, make decisions, say yes (and no) more often, to feed my hum, and to get back to a more balanced self.  It's a lofty goal and something I suspect will be a constant work-in-progress, but if it amounts to more star-gazing, then I'm all for it.

As an aside, and I'd like to think that in honor of my birthday, ShopBop started their Friends and Family Sale today (code: INTHEFAM).  I'll be celebrating with 25% off of some gorgeous pieces and I'm sharing my picks with you today.  Because, in some ways, shopping helps with my perspective as well.  Comeon people, it's baby steps.

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