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spring hair


The change of seasons is always a good time to make changes or add on to your current beauty routine.  As I've recently gone a little lighter than usual, I'm trying to focus on upping my hair product game and I've rounded up some new (to me) items that I want or have already added to my toolkit.

sugar mist: I've been a devotee of Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray for decades (does that age me?).  Regardless I am not so eager to jump ship from a tried and true, but word on the street is that sugar mist has all of the benefits of the loved salt spray bur less the drying of salt with the moisturizing bonus of sugar.

wella luxe oil:  The smell of this oil alone is enough to make me want to use it all day every day.  But in addition to smell, wella is known for products that are great for color treated hair (hello.) so I'm all in on anything that promises to make my hair more healthy & smells great.

aveda blue malva conditioner: Since I've gone a touch lighter on my hair color as of late, I'm working double time to not only keep my hair healthy, but work on the color in between treatments.  Enter blue malva.  I've worshipped at the shampoo counter of aveda previously, but I use this conditioner once a week (note: I only wash my hair twice a week). I keep it on for the duration of the my shower and it is the last thing I wash off before I get out.

beachwaver: I've held out on a curling wand long enough.  Everyone sings the praises of the beachwaver and I am looking for an easy tool to integrate into my everyday.  Has anyone tried this one yet? Do you have a favorite?

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