Happy Friday + Link Love


Who isn't excited for a good weekend?! The weather in these parts has finally amped up to what it's supposed to be this time of year and though that means my allergies are in full force (flonase, allegra, nettipot, repeat), I will take it given the cold weather we've had this year.  I'm even hopeful that maybe my succulents will make a comeback (yes, I managed to potentially kill the only plant which is 'unkillable' #blackthumb).  Hopefully it's warming up in your parts as well and until next week, hope you enjoy what I'm loving around the interwebs this week.

+ This makes me want to be Jeff W's friend

+ Toms Hanks is kinda having a moment, see exhibit A & B

+ I cannot wait to make these - maybe over the weekend?

+ Did you catch Angie's op-ed on her follow-up to her double mastectomy? It's a very controversial decision, but I give her a lot of credit for starting the conversation.

+ Judge away, but I am stoked for May 5th

+ A great article about helping women in the workplace

+ Looking forward to catching this show next week

+ And while we are on the topics of shows, how about this one in the Fall

+ American women have an obsession with French women, perhaps they aren't so mysterious as we'd like them to be

Hope you & yours have a lovely weekend!

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