Happy Friday + Link Love #girlboss edition


Happy Friday folks! I hope that you've had a great week and have an even better weekend planned. Speaking of great weeks, women dominated the news this week in a variety of different industries totally rocking their sphere and showing us all who runs the world. If you have spent anytime with me, you likely know how passionate I am about growing strong, female leaders in all arenas and women right now are kicking ass and taking names. In that spirit, here are some of my favorite headlines from the week.

+ How the simple act of not wearing a head scarf made a statement

+ Who are you gonna call?! Ghostbusters gets a reboot!

+ How women like Viola Davis are giving little girls everywhere the feeling that they can be 'written in' to any role

+ I love that Emma Watson means business in her involvement in #heforshe

+ The porkchop theory that is changing the face of food in NC (Having been to about 95% of these establishments, I can say if you are ever in the area, make the time to go.

+ Ivanka Trump continues to break it down as to what it is really like to be a woman who works.

+ Amal Clooney, who are you wearing?! Boom.

After you've read all of this, I have one question for you - Who Runs the World?

Hope you and yours have a lovely weekend!

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