Explore: Apple Picking


Over this past weekend, we decided to jump on the apple picking bandwagon.  I know, everyone and their brother go apple picking this time of year.  I'm sure that your <insert social media feed here> is simply inundated with people picking apples.  Regardless, it really was a super activity for us as a family to spend Sunday afternoon doing.  It also assisted with giving our oh-so-active toddler some space to run around.

There are several great locations around the Charlotte area, but we decided to venture out to SkyTop Orchard in Flat Rock, NC.  It's a solid 2 hour drive from Charlotte, but if the views are not enough, the apple cider donuts are.  In fact, I'm not entirely ashamed to say that I would consider another trip up there this season for the donuts alone.  If you go, I'd recommend you make a day of it - pack a lunch, go play on the playgrounds, visit the goats, partake in the donutty goodness.  

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  1. Apple picking looks like so much fun!!! I really need to do that this fall :)


  2. Looks like you had a great time! I can't wait to go :)


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