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Friday Eye Candy: Inside Sean Parker's Wedding a la Vanity Fair


Honestly, I didn't even know that Sean Parker was engaged, let alone had a child before I saw a brief teaser photo once he did tie the knot in Big Sur.  Regardless, I was intrigued.  Tabloids touted it as a lavish, intricate affair so when Vanity Fair released their photos of the event, I was clearly there in a heartbeat. (Side note: I also have an unhealthy love of weddings so there's that too).

Though there aesthetic wasn't exactly something that was up my ally, it was still stunning.  The location and the attention to details was astounding.  And it seems like it truly was their ideal day.  Links below to click through to see more pictures, some cameos but an assortment of characters, and more of the lovely couple.

And yes, that's Sting giving an impromptu performance......

Read the full story here

View all images here

Images: Vanity Fair

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  1. I agree...this is stunning. It reminds me of the Twilight wedding! :-)

  2. Holy smokes! I can't even imagine all the work that went I to that. Not my style either, but totally breathtaking

  3. WOW. Way to go SP! This looks like a dream! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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