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dress like a princess



Possibly the most icon dresses of Kate Middleton's made the name Issa London mainstream. Now the designer has paired with Banana Republic for a collaboration debuting in stores next week on 06 August.  There looks to be several pieces that are reminiscent of the highly sought after engagement dress.  I, for one, am intrigued to see how this collection translates in-store next week!

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  1. I'm excited about that collection! I'll have to view it online. I kind of want the blue one that looks like Princess Kate's. It's such a gorgeous color.

  2. I had no idea this collaboration was happening...so glad I stopped by :) Definitely looking forward to seeing the collection, and apologies to my wallet in advance ;)

    XO, Alison

  3. kate always looks fabulous! i love everything she wears and her hair/makeup

  4. I cannot wait to see this collection too. It looks great from the photos I have seen.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com


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