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Splurge vs Steal : Blister Blockers


As someone who wears heels 95% of the time, I am always looking for something that helps fend off those uncomfortable blisters which tend to appear after a few hours of shoe wear.  My saving grace in this department came in the form of Band-Aid brand Blister Block when I was preparing to get married; a girlfriend of mine recommended that I include it in my wedding-day-emergency-kit and I haven't been without it since.  This cure-all seems to work with any shoe in any situation and on any part of your foot.  I've broken it out at conferences, during travel, around my office - practically everywhere.

Recently, Sole Goddess was released and I've heard people since it's praises all over the place, but I wasn't thrilled at the price point (nearly twice the cost of my tried and true Band-Aid brand).  I have to say that this is an instance where I'll be sticking with my tried and true.  The packaging on Sole Goddess certainly is more pretty, but nothing can beat saving my tooties for less than $10.   For this one, I say Band-Aid works just as well, for a fraction of the cost.  Put that money away to invest in another pair of kicks!

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  1. I am definitely going to go buy these! Thanks for tip lady!

    Ps. you have a new follower:)

    In good faith, Tess

    www.ingoodfaithtess.blogspot.com hope you stop by!

  2. The Band Aid Blister Block is one of my MUST HAVES whenever I'm either running a half marathon or wearing high heels. If any of you have issues with blisters, definitely try that one!!!



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