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Pitter Patter


A little bit of self-indulgence today.

I grew up loving ballet.  I would look forward to the classes, the recitals, the barre exercises (?!?!).  Today, even though I long ago hung up my pointe shoes, ballet still makes my heart sing.  The sound of the pointe shoe boxes on the stage, the ruffle of tutus and costumes, even the sound that the curtain makes as it signals the end of another successful show.  I wish I could have continued, but short legs don't really have a place in the professional ballet world.  Today, I just have my very first pair of ballet shoes (and some permanently scarred toes) as my memories... I wouldn't change a thing.

Read the full article here and remember to support your local arts.

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  1. I used to love watching ballet! It's so pretty! I used to do Irish step dancing and i definitely have some scarred toes too.



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