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Weekend in Pictures


This weekend we had our very first house guests since little peanut arrived.  Our very dear friends (and my bestie) traveled down to good 'ol NC for some babylove, good southern food, and quality time with our newly expanded little family.

Not only did they leave (hopefully) wanting to add on to their brood (sooner rather than later), but we were able to get out around town quite a bit.

[How can you not visit NC and skip the BBQ?!]

[and happen across a new find...The Chocolate Factory] 

Pre-peanut L & I spent at least an hour everyday talking after work on the phone.  And anytime L and I are together we end up sequestering ourselves into some room and talking for hours.  Things have changed slightly (maybe we chat now every other day after work), but the sequestering hasn't.  The husbands were baffled at our ability to go upstairs to do a simple task and not reappear for the better part of an hour.  They are good sports those two and even let us wander off to shop by ourselves (sans baby).  L is also my favorite person to shop with...she totally gets it, has a fab eye, and can spot a good deal from miles away.

[Two guys, two iPads, entertainment for hours]

[Our favorite brunch spot]

Most importantly, they came down to shower our little guy with love.  I think I've said this frequently, but I am always so humbled at the amazingness of our friends.  They truly rock and we are so terribly lucky to have people like them in our lives.

Hope you and yours had a lovely weekend!

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  1. Williams Sonoma sold the BBQ sauce from the Pit for a while - SO GOOD!

  2. Love The Pit!

    Sounds like a great weekend, just like when my BFF comes to visit!


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