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In the Nordstrom Fitting Room.....


I've said time and time again that Nordstrom has hands down the best customer service.  My local store customer service relations reached out to me to see if I would be interested in working with a personal stylist. I cannot emphasize the importance of relationships at stores like Nordstrom.  I currently have a shoe guy (Sterling for those of you who are local) and his help in invaluable when I am looking for shoes.  He knows my style, pulls items that aren't on the floor, keeps a look out for sales for me...basically next to my relationship with husband and son and family, his is the next most important.  (You think I kid, I'm dead serious).

Therefore, I was definitely on board to finding a individual with whom I could forge the same sort of relationship with in the clothing department.  I sent Tracee my favorite brands and what I've been looking for and I showed up at Nordstrom, Roxy had set up an absolutely gorgeous fitting room filled with all sorts of goodies.  Here are some of the items that I have my eye on.

I was downright in LOVE with this outfit. Definitely on my must-have list.

Black Halo is a brand that I adore.  The dresses are simple with unexpected details.  The cuts are uber flattering.  Again, on my must-have.

The unexpected bow in the back of this shirt was to-die-for.  Marc does a great line.

Jessica Simpson continues to surprise me with her designs.  I was a fan of this dress: simple, little details that make the dress.

I absolutely adore these shoes.  I'm also a sucker for a nude heel.  Cole Haan's air line is super comfy and are universally flattering.

I needed some jeans that I could wear with both flats and heels (All of my non-pregnancy jeans are altered to wear with heels - Dagger.)

Another great Jessica Simpson dress.  I think it's perfect for summer.  I would style it with a yellow skinny belt at the break.  Again, I think this is a must-have-I've been thinking about it since I tried it on.

I love the high-low skirts and this one is perfect for the summer...and in my new fave color.

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  1. I love that striped blazer and the blue dress looks great on you. Who makes that quilted handbag? I love it. How exciting to have a shoe guy AND a clothing stylist!

  2. You look INCREDIBLE for having just had a baby!! I love these looks on you. In my time with Nordstrom, the months I spent as a Personal Stylist were def my favorite. It's such a great service and the best part is: IT'S FREE!!

  3. I love that striped blazer and the nude pumps! Looks like the stylist did a great job!

  4. love that blazer! had my eye on it last week :)

  5. Just purchased the Jessica Simpson dress......can't wait to try it on!


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