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Awkward & Awesome Thursday


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36 weeks and counting.... Being pregnant brings a whole new definition to the word awkward.


  • My swollen appendages As my Nordstrom shoe guy told me, "it looks like your feet were punched in the face" (Yes, I have a shoe guy and I recommend that you get one as well.  They know all of the good sales). 
  • My lack of depth perception So I might constantly run my pregnant belly into EVERYTHING (people, corners, doors, walls...you get the picture).  
  • Falling in a crowded mall I took a digger over Christmas in front of easily 30 people.  Unfortunately, this means that I am grounded (e.g., off of heels) for the remainder of my pregnancy per Hubs.  I mostly agree with him, except I own like 2 pairs of flats which are more uncomfortable that my platforms. Awesome.
  • Lack of wedding ring Nothing solicits more comments, stares, and looks than a pregnant, seemingly unwed woman....oh wait, when I pick up beer at the store for Hubs, I really get some looks.
Wedding Band Problem solved by MoMA's Acrylic Diamond Rings

  • Night time showers These might be the only thing getting me through the last trimester
  • Peppermint Tea Again, this nightly indulgence might be the only other thing getting me through
  • Nursery It's finally complete!! YAY! (Post on this to come later)
  • Hubs I've said this before and I'll say it again, he rocks my world.  He has been such a trooper throughout these nine months and he continues to be such a rock.  I am a lucky lucky woman.
  • Meeting Liam We'll get to meet our little one ANY day now.  Unfortunately I'm under no false hope that he will come early, or on time even.  I'm banking on early February.  Should I start a pool?

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