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Weekend in Pictures - Merry Edition


I love spending the holidays with my family.  Sure it's completely chaotic, usually ridiculous, but it's completely full of love and joy and traditions.  Christmas is my favorite, next to smiling.  (Elf reference, anyone? anyone?)

[One of three Christmas trees]

[The Kid's Tree: Filled with all of our old ornaments]

Another reason that I love Christmas at my parents: my mother's ability to make the holidays as they should be: gorgeous decor, scrumptious cookies, plenty of food (and wine), all with lots of love.  

[Christmas Coco, unamused]

Hubs and I enjoyed our last Christmas as a little family of 2 (3 if you count the dog and the cat, I suppose), but next year we are even more excited to start traditions of our own and see Christmas through the eyes of a little guy!

[Do not open until 31 January]

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  1. Beautiful pics! Next year will be so much fun for you two! Merry (belated) Christmas & Happy New Year!

  2. i love multiple trees in a home, I hope we'll one day have a large enough place to do that!


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