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Wedge Pumps


Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of wedge pumps.  I don't think that they flatter my body-type very well and I prefer the lean line of a stiletto heel.  However, since my body proportions are changing and Hubs and I are close to coming to fisticuffs over my love of sky-high heels (it comes from a good place, he'd rather not see me and his unborn son take an unnecessary spill), my compromise was to find a pair of wedge pumps that would allow me to be more sturdy (that's a sexy word, isn't it) as my center of gravity is changing. 

Since I'm not fully on the wedge-pump train yet, I was hoping that I could solicit some voting from my readers to help me decide on which of the below shoes I should go with.

So what are your thoughts??

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