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Fan Feet and Hokie Heels


For those of you who know me, you have to know how difficult it is for me to keep a secret, especially when it is something that I am excited about.  So when a good friend of mine approached me about doing a line of high heels for colleges, I was cautiously optimistic, but kept my mouth shut because I was sworn to secrecy.  When they then told me they were interested in doing a line for Virginia Tech, I was beyond thrilled.  It marries both my love of my Alma Mater with my love of fashion and heels.  What could get better?!  I waited patiently as Fan Feet rolled out other shoes first.  I gently poked and prodded my poor friends to say that Virginia Tech was the best bet for their next shoe (which they knew and I think were torturing me for the fun of it).  After being fully indoctrinated into the Hokie Nation, they totally agreed and I'm so thrilled to FINALLY be able to share the Chelsea heel.

The added bonus to Fan Feet is that they are a socially conscious company looking to give back to philanthropic organizations, as well as women's amateur sports.

And they are available for pre-order SOON.  Check out www.hokieheels.com for the latest and greatest.  Trust me, these shoes are as comfortable as they are fabulous.  You will want to do the pre-order and secure yourself a pair ASAP. 

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