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Guest Post from The Libra Diaries


Meet Shannon.  Shannon is the author of The Libra Diaries and I'm also privileged enough to call her a sister (Pi Love) and a friend.  Not only that but Shannon is also expecting a new bundle of joy in the beginning of 2012.  Shannon has fantastic taste in clothing and decor.  I was very excited that she was able to do a guest post for me while I am gone.  Congrats Shannon!

Welcome to The Libra Diaries! My name is Shannon and I am living out my dreams of art, design, and fashion through my lovely little blog. I find something therapeutic in the artistic side of life even though in my daily life I'm a facts and figures bookkeeper. My husband and I are working on fixing up our short sale home with our orange tabby and huge doberman pincher and now we are preparing to welcome our 5th family member in February!

1. Tell us a little about who you are, how you would describe your style, and where you find your inspiration for style and design?
When it comes to fashion I appreciate so many different styles but I find myself gravitating towards simple clean pieces. I've never been one to pull off the craziest or trendiest outfits but I like to subtly throw in an "in" color or cut with my simple wardrobe. For day I like simple more casual pieces I can mix and match and for going out I tend to lean toward sexy sleek cuts and pieces. My absolute favorite place for fashion inspiration are blogs. I love approachable styles that work for everyday more than runway looks. I love the bright color combos and smart mix of prints that everyday woman create in their lives. I also have been a magazine junkie and I adore People Stylewatch, I think its a great mix between expensive and inexpensive items and it gives me ideas for future looks of pieces I need.

2. What are your favorite designers and what is it about their designs that draws you to them?
When it comes to designer fashions I'm for sure not the expert. But I have a few I find myself drawn to. First off, I think that Diane Von Furstenberg is just genius. Her use of bright colors and patterns is so well done and the silhouettes she creates are so flattering. I've been known to drool over a dress or two of hers! Second, living in South Florida by the beach I've developed a much more laid back sense of style than I had growing up outside Washington DC. So I've developed an appreciation for Tory Burch. I love the beachy feel to her pieces and of course the bright colors she uses in such a clean modern way. I also of course adore her flats! Lastly I always find myself drawn to BCBG Max Azria. I love the modern cuts and unexpected twists that always seem to be in every collection. It seems like there are always things I lust for in each of these lines every season!

3. What is your must-have beauty product?
I get bored very easily so I find it really hard to stick to a brand, however there are a few things that I consistently buy and love. For a very long time I have been a die hard lover of Mary Kay Liquid Foundation. I have never found anything I like better! I buy both the medium and full coverage and love both formulas. The foundation is creamy not watery, provides the perfect amount of coverage on my skin and has good staying power. I highly recommend!
Second, I love Jergens gradual tanning lotion (although I was told to step away during pregnancy, I really don't think it would do any harm but I have just in case) I love the subtle tan it gives year round without having to lay out in the sun. In the same vain I also love, for special events where I want extra color, Clarins self tanning gelee. Requires two to three applications over a week to get the desired color but it comes out smooth and natural. Well worth the money.
The cheapest product I love is ELF bronzer. The packaging is extremely cheap but I love the sun kissed glow it gives.
Lastly, Essie nail polish, they just always have the best colors, enough said. Look at the new fall collection!!

4. What are you currently lusting after for Fall/Winter?
I'm having a REALLY hard time getting into fall style this year. I think for two reasons:
1. My body is changing in an extremely unfamiliar way and I'm second guessing everything I pick up, "will I ever be able to wear this again!?"
2. I live in Florida and its still 90 degrees everyday!
BUT, there are a few things I've been seeing that should it get cold here or I visit somewhere cold I would like to have:
I'm loving short wedge booties, like these from Loft

And, flat riding style boots in a cognac type color, these Target Merona Double Buckle Riding boots are very cool and a great price!

I'm also wanting a white or cream long cable knit sweater. I love this pricey one from jcrew.

Or for those other pregnant mommies how about this one from motherhood maternity.

5. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! What do you think are some of the biggest fashion challenges for pregnant women and what is the best fashion advice you can give them?
I'm very happy to be pregnant but when it comes to getting dressed it has been a major roadblock for me. I have always had a thin belly so trying to dress my new body is already a challenge and I've only gained 6 lbs! I'm no expert but here are the things that have worked for me so far.
1. Right when I found out I was pregnant I bought some looser and longer tops and those are now a lifesaver. You need shirts that can drape over the top of your pants.
2. Second, take a hair tie and loop it through your button hole on your pants and then loop it around the button. Its much more comfortable and has saved me from crying in my closet.
3. Dresses bought one size bigger than normal. Can still wear pre and post pregnancy belted and will have room to grow into as you get bigger. I have a feeling I'm going to want to live in dresses most of my pregnancy.
4. Buy new bras but not lots. I hate bra shopping, don't know why I just do but I finally gave in the other day and now realize it was long overdue. I just picked up a few from target because I'm guessing I might be out again before this whole thing is over!
Stay tuned on my blog for more updates as I get bigger!!

6. What is your current must-have for Fall?
Loose fitting dresses. See above, especially while we are still blazing down here in the south.

7. What are three things you couldn’t live without?
1. My husband, We are such a great pairing because we balance each other. He has been super supportive and caring and I really appreciate him.
2. My animals, see what I did there, a two-fer, haha. Even though they make my house chaos I miss them when they aren't around.
3. My new Ipad2. I never knew how much I needed one, haha. Its truly the coolest device ever! It was an early b-day present because I turn 30 in October, AHHHHH:)

Thanks again Shannon! Please don't forget to check our her blog here.

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